Thursday, August 16, 2012

I have an offer in mind...

With my recent move (yay I'm a home owner!) work, and life in general I've had precious little time to work on any personal art. But with this weeks release of Darksiders 2 I just couldn't help myself and create some fan art. I've been a fan of Joe Mad since his days drawing X-Men and Battle Chasers just cemented it. I was SUPER bummed when his company Tri-Lunar closed without releasing their game Dragon Kind. So when Joe Mad and some other peeps started Vigil Games I was REALLY excited! They didn't disappoint with Darksiders, and so far the sequel looks to continue the awesomeness! Of course I got the special edition which comes with a rad mask that Death the main character in the game wears.

So during lunch on Yesterday I found myself wanting to open Zbrush and sculpt something for fun but I couldn't think of anything. I looked over and saw this bad ass mask and thought, hey why not!?

 I noodled on it a bit during lunch today and yesterday as well as a bit after work as well (my PC at home still isn't set up). Anyway I started with a simple sphere and used dyna-mesh and just kept going till I was happy.

And for shits I messed with the Lightcap material in Zbrush as well as some photoshop magic and did this :)