Sunday, October 30, 2011

Undead Hero

So Guardian Heroes is one of my all-time favorite games. When it came out on the Sega Saturn in 1996 it totally just captured my imagination. From the huge sprites to the medieval setting sprinkled with just tinge of technology. It was colorful, and most of all it was fun! I have such fond memories of playing this game, I even tried to chart every route you could take (it had a choose your own adventure type of feature at the end of every level. I would do my homework while listening to the soundtrack (you could load up the Saturn cd player and load just the music).

Needless to say I love this game! Imagine my excitement and then disappointment when I found out it was being re-released.... only on XBLA (for now). I still have my Saturn and my copy of the game. But hooking up an out dated console is tedious at best. Anyway, In preparation for the game Sega released a bunch of concept art from the game. I immediately new I had to re-create one of the characters in 3d! My two favorite characters were Han (the typical warrior type) and the Undead Warrior. Which was an awesome NPC character that would fight with you through each level. He was a bad ass and could go berserk and just wipe out all the other enemies on the screen. I'll never forget when he first appears in the game.

He bursts out of his unmarked grave and lays waste to a robot that you can't defeat. Very cool stuff (especially for a 16 year old).

So now the hard/fun part. Translating a 2d sprite character into a 3d one. Lots of games have attempted this feat and some have really succeeded. Others just never look right. Armed with some very loose orthos I set out!

This is super helpful but it's not the tightest line work and proporstions fluxuate from image to image, and his armor is really simple (a nessicity for a 2d sprite).

So I had to figure out how much to update and how much to keep true to the original.

I still need to model out his arms (they're just cylinders right now) his toes, and fingers, and of course his skull. Oh yeah, also his Sword!!! The focus of the game! From there I'll take him into zbrush and add all sorts of awesome detail; armor rot and rust, decay, armor ornamentation, the works! This is I think a little over a weeks worth of work. The chest armor took the longest. It was really tough for some reason, and although you can't see it in this image too well, A spine is fucking hard to model!

Well that's it for now! Stay tuned for more. If you have an Xbox 360 I cannot recommend this game enough! It's only 10 bucks.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Waiting for the End of Time

I realized I would never get around to texturing my Pelican Machine head model, so I did a quick rig and pose. Then I took it into zbrush and did some quick sculpting on the hands and suit. Finally, I rendered it out and played with some texture layering and color adjustments.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out for a spontaneous afternoon project.