Sunday, May 27, 2012

Expose 10!

I just found out one of my pieces got accepted into Expose 10! I couldn't be more excited! The piece is this one found here, which was inspired by a random image of figurine I found in a Japanese artbook, I wish I knew the artist to give credit for the concept but I don't speak Japanese:

Waiting for the End of Time.

You can see some work in progress here:

Pelican Machine Head

I have to be honest I was a little worried about submitting a piece based on a concept not my own. BUT I've seen entries in Expose based off of IP not owned or created by the artist. I just hope no one faults me for submitting something that is essentially fan art.

Monday, May 14, 2012

For posterity

I tweeted this but I figured I'd post it up here cause I'm pretty flattered that Kotaku (one of the biggest game websites) did a story on the Sworcery AV Jam and one of my pieces was in their gallery. Out of the MANY pieces submitted I'm humbled that one of mine was shown.

Some Stylish Tributes to Sword & Sworcery

That's me! Allll the way at the bottom! ;P

Sunday, May 13, 2012


So for the past week I've been working on a piece for the awesome Sword & Sworcery AV Jam. For the uninitiated Sword & Sworcery is an amazing iphone/ipad and now pc game that should really be played by all.

Sword & Sworcery

So the creators of this game put out a call to arms so to speak for peoples to create artwork or music inspired by the game. Being the fan I am and in need of a personal project I opted in.

I decided to model out in 3d a specific screenshot of the game. Given the limited time frame I knew that I couldn't do things like fully texture it out and what not so I chose to stay minimalist (like the game itself).

This is the final piece I created.

Once submitted Craig Adams the creator of the game suggested that since it was 3d I could do more than one piece with the same assets. I figured, why not?

And finally the last one I did, which may be my favorite (or at least tied with the first)

All in all a super fun way to get creative! I really enjoyed this and HIGHLY recommend you check out all of the works collected on this tumblr site:


Monday, May 7, 2012

We found the Megatome....

So I'm taking a break from my other project right now because this just came up.


It's basically a call for entries inspired by the game Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP. Which was one of my favorite games of 2011. It just came out on Steam and I highly recommend it. Anyway the official kick off isn't until the 11th but since I'm doing my entry in 3d I need a little more time than just  weekend. Also some amazing artwork has already been submitted (as you can see in the above link).

Here is a progress shot with my two favorite art helpers.

I hope to finish it by the deadline! Should be a cool little piece.