Monday, October 11, 2010

Pelican Machine Head

I went to Kinokuniya book store in LA's little Tokyo yesterday and i found this cool book called Hyper Weapon 2008. It's all over the place with rad pictures of miniatures and concept art for games. Anyway I cam across this rad image....

It got me really inspired to model it. Something about the old world vibe with the surrealistic nature of it. It also reminded me of "The end of time" from Chrono Trigger.

So I spent more than a few hour modeling it today. Next I'll take it into zbrush, and detail it out.

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Ryan Yee said...

Nice model man! Can't wait to see the sculpt! Kinokuniya takes a bit of my annual salary each year at comic con! lol Now that they have reference books specifically for artists it's getting dangerous!