Monday, September 2, 2013

Late to the Party

So last month Polycount held a contest to create a low poly diorama based on a video game called VG Remix This challenge is right up my alley as I love low poly art and dioramas as well. Alas I am working VERY hard right now at work so I didn't have time to compete. The entries have been super inspiring and the winning pieces are amazing.

So while I still don't have much time, I have started planning a piece I want to work on when I have more free time. I'm going to be using all of the limitations and rules of the challenge. I think I can come up with something pretty cool.

I'm going to be basing my piece on Sword of Vermilion for the SEGA Genesis. If you've never played this RPG, it hasn't aged very well but I remember it fondly, especially the epic boss fights against the Arch Fiends! The music in this game is killer and the boss fights in particular has some awesome tracks

I drew up some rough concepts to help me get started as well as a reference sheet of my inspiration.