Thursday, May 29, 2008


Because I don't create any new art (non professional that is) I thought I'd put up some stuff that didn't make it into Battle of the Bands.

This was a quick pre-vis model I did to establish mood and scale for a Train Graveyard level (one day I will work on a game that has one!) based on one of my concepts.

Before we came up with the insane asylum idea for the goth band we were going to go with the tried and true gothic cathedral idea. The model never made it past this point in the process, but I was pretty happy with how it was progressing.

Due to time constrictions I "kit bashed" (i.e. stole from) an old model I had made that had some gothic windows. I was actually able to salvage some of this model though and use it in Hongs Castle Ballroom.

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