Sunday, August 31, 2008


So I am still awaiting approval on this piece from my client/personal trainer Gary. However I like and feel confident he will too so I decided I'd post it up here.

Obviously with the boot camp theme I went military. But I wanted it to feel a bit modern as well. This is San Francisco after all.

Fliers and venue posters are an interesting problem. One you have to make them interesting so people stop and look at them instead of immediately throwing them away. But you also have to make sure all of the necessary information is present so you can sell whatever it is on the flyer.

So how do present and interesting image, with all of the information. It's a balancing act that I still have yet to master...

Anyways I am still training with Ronin Fitness and it is still awesome and intense as ever. I really recomend it if you're in the SF bay area.

Ronin Fitness

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