Thursday, April 23, 2009


I think I'm calling him done! All is left is to finish the main characters sword!


Paul J. Sullivan said...

That's sick!
I wonder what it would look like of you scaled his head up and made his neck a bit longer? Maybe sicker... The ears look cool! Also maybe thin him out from the front view ie. bring the shoulder and ribcage in while keeping the side view lookin the way it does.

Eric Kozlowsky said...

good crits man! I'll see what I can do! Thanks!

Ben Shafer said...

word, I agree with Paul. Looks awesome, but his body does seem a bit wide. kinda pit bull meets sphynx cat. Looks like he could kick some serious ass, which isn't necessarily a bad thing given the context. But if he was thinner he might look a bit more lithe and cattish.