Thursday, March 10, 2011

Making progress

I'm juggling two projects at the moment. But I decided to really sink my teeth into my Shadow of the Colossus model. I've finished most of the modeling, I just have to make some vegetation cards and do some destruction detail. Then it's on to textures.

Today I worked on the the zbrush sculpt for the main body. Nothing too crazy just some muscle definition and texture.
Oh and just for full disclosure I did use the base male from zbrush to sculpt over.

The other project I am working on needs some re-work I didn't like how the main character was turning out... I fell back on my comfort zone of muscular heroic proportions (it's ok for the colossus, he's carrying a castle on his back).

So I'm going to start over from scratch. The head scarf I like, but I got the idea from a concept I found on the web and I modeled from that..... I want to make something original, so I'm scraping it.

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