Sunday, March 20, 2011

Texture Tedium...

So I'm in the process of applying textures to my colossus model. I am pretty much creating all of my textures in zbrush with some photoshop adjustments. This is a relatively new technique to me (as of 3 months ago). So I'm getting better with each one.

I still have loads more to do. But I'm getting closer to finishing each day! I've been looking at Shadow of the Colossus A LOT, and I'm trying to replicate the symbols and patterns used in the game.

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Jessica On Paper said...

This post is such good timing! I'm currently doing texture work for a video game level, and I'm doing it all in Photoshop as I'm not fully accustomed to ZBrush. Funnily enough it's brick work I'm texturing too, so your post is a nice little push for me.
J. x