Sunday, November 6, 2011

When we were young we thought we had superpowers!

More progress!!!! My buddy Sean gave me a great crit on Friday about how my previous iteration was looking very stiff. I new something was off with the model but I was having trouble pin-pointing it. I feel like it's now feeling more natural. He looks like he's ready to fuck shit up!

So all that's left on the modeling front is the skull. which is one the most fun things to create in any art form!

Then I have to unwrap this beast, the least fun part of 3d, then it's off to Z-brush for the high res sculpt. No quite at the finish line, but it's in sight!

All of this was done under the watchful eye of my art director Myu.


surthur said...

haha I clicked at your avatar asap at DA when I saw the skullsoldier. Spend so many good days with guardian heroes back in the days. Very nice fanart :)

Koz said...

Haha! Hellz yeah man! And thanks! I think I'm actually going to do the blue skull soldier next. It'd be cool do have them fleeing the Undead Warrior in that arms up pose they do in game. :)